Our Goal

To be the home for a global community driving positive change to fill the world with good communications and engagement.

The Team

Tangelo House is Alexis Willet, PhD and Caroline Philpott. We have 40 years experience of communications, science, public and patient engagement, marketing, health policy, health promotion and partnerships. Through our courses we share our knowledge and skills to empower you to make an impact.

Have a query we can help with?

Here are the answers to some common questions about our courses

  • When do the courses start?

    Courses are available to take at any time. Just sign up and do the course at your own pace.

  • Who are the courses for?

    Anyone can take part in our courses. Whether you‘re an expert in your field, at the start of your career, or just an enthusiast, Tangelo House can give you everything you need to make your communication and engagement activities more effective, by guiding you through some basic principles that you can immediately apply to your work.

  • Are there any course requirements?

    Anyone is welcome to join us on our courses and no prior knowledge is necessary.

  • How long do courses take to complete?

    All courses are designed to be concise, practical introductions to topics. They vary in length but take less than a day to complete, if completed in one sitting. Details can be found within the course overviews.

  • How much do the training courses cost?

    Courses are individually priced. Details can be found within the course overviews. Later in 2020, we aim to offer course bundles which will provide a discount when two or more courses are purchased together.